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UAE - Dubai

Detailed information about Dubai



Dubai, which was a city in the middle of desert until recently, is one of the 7 emirates. It is an emirate that gained its independence from the British in 1969. Citizens of Dubai are addressed as “Emirati”. Especially since the beginning of 2000, it has hosted a wide variety of international companies due to many tax advantages. Until recently, oil was Dubai’s largest revenue item, and in the last 20 years, it has made its name in the world in an important way, especially in the field of tourism and informatics. Dubai, which is open to all kinds of developments, has opened its doors to people from all over the world who want to start a new life in terms of vacant positions in the service sector and the opportunities. It would not be wrong to call Dubai as the USA of the Middle East.

Dubai is an emirate with extreme temperatures due to its geographical location. September – May is the peak season for tourists. The summer months are not very popular due to extreme heat. There are huge skyscapers that have become a symbol of the world in Dubai. Burj Al-Arab and Burj Al-Khalifa, which are called the tallest buildings in the world, are among the most symbolic structures.


Although Dubai’s economy was dependent on petroleum when it was first established, it has made a big break in the last 20 years due to visionary views of Dubai emirs. Dubai has had a strong economy, as it is the center of tax-free trade and a strong breakthrough has been made in Dubai, especially in the fields of tourism and informatics. Emirates Airlines, which was established in Dubai is created a world famous brand. Dubai has become a serious workforce attraction center from all over the world because people who are qualified in their field are provided with the opportunity to work with high wages.

Among the leading sectors; petroleum, tourism, informatics, aviation, construction and service sectors.

The local currency of Dubai is the dirham. 1 USD = 3.67 dirham. The dirham is pegged to other currencies. Since Dubai is a gulf emirate, it is also an important base for ship trade.

Dubai is the capital of luxury tourism in the world. This situation has carried a wide variety of service variations to the top positions in the tourism sector. The world-famous Expo is very important in terms of tourism and trade in Dubai.


Dubai has a hot desert climate so the weather extremely hot in summer. There are air conditioners even bus stops. The tourist season is between September and May. There are frequent dust storms.  Dubai gets sunshine all the year round. Most of the precipitation takes place in winter but it is one of the cities with the least annual precipitation.


Sharia law exists in Dubai. Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran should not come to mind when it comes to Sharia. About 88% of people living in Dubai are people from other countries, which we call expats. Considering the people coming from other secular countries of the world, the Shariah administration is implemented in a much more flexible way. Dubai is already a country where the rules are strictly enforced. While people can dress very comfortably on beaches, the dress code in public places where people come together due to the rules is partially inflexible.


Dubai can be considered one of the safest countries in the world. Since social rules are applied very strictly, people comply with these rules by force of law. For example; You can travel comfortably in Dubai even late at night. On certain days, entertainment opportunities are offered to women in entertainment venues.

You should always take minimum safety precautions as you should be anywhere in the world.


Homestay is not available in Dubai. Dormitory and shared house-room options are available. Students generally prefer the first 2 weeks of accommodation by our language school in Dubai. Afterwards, students can find accommodation options that are more suitable for them.

Students can stay in the dormitory provided by our language school for the duration of their education.

The dormitory option provided by Es Dubai school is an accommodation option that students are very satisfied with. In the dormitory option, the rooms are usually for 2 people. Other areas such as the kitchen and bathroom are available for common use. Students can cook their own meals in the dormitories’ kitchen.

Furthermore, students can consider the shared home-room option. You can get support from Mr. Hakan, the representative of our Es Dubai school. You can think of the average monthly room rent as 150-180 USD. Jumeriah, where foreigners live the most in Dubai, is one of the most preferred settlements due to its location.


Students who come with a visa issued by Es Dubai have the right to work part-time. Students who have registered for at least 12 weeks or more come to Dubai with a student visa and can find a job and work when they have sufficient English.

Someone who is working full-time at the school helps students find a suitable job and collect their cvs but he does not guarantee job placement. It takes an average of 3 or 4 weeks for students to adapt to the country and develop their listening, understanding and speaking skills.

Intermediate and higher level students will find a job faster. It takes a little longer for students under the Intermediate level to find a job. In part-time jobs, the wages that the student will earn vary depending on the job, workplace and the student’s English level and character. Social students can find a job much faster. Being friendly and adaptable in Dubai is very important and speeds up the process of finding a job. They can earn an average of $8-10$ in part-time jobs.

Some businesses offer accommodation + food and beverage + 1000aed 2500 aed net salary. A lot of things are open to negotiation about business in Dubai, it is possible to talk and get more. Students who want to work should take an English test and prepare their English CV before they go.

In addition, Dubai offers students the opportunity to do their own profession, unlike other language education locations. A computer engineering graduate student, after acquiring sufficient English, has the opportunity to stay in Dubai as a computer engineer and get a residence permit and work as a professional. It is necessary for all professions. Dubai is an ideal destination especially for designers and engineers, and going to another country will be a waste of time for new graduates and graduates.

While improving their English in Dubai, students will also get to know the city and the country closely, which will speed up their start-up process.


As an Arab country, Dubai can create an image of a conservative country in most people’s minds.

Nevertheless, due to the vision it has, Dubai has created an environment where people from all over the world can live freely together with many British, American and European nations, as a result of the freedom it has given to dressing styles and the ease of life it has provided in many aspects of life. You can dress however you want in Dubai.

Alcohol consumption is allowed in nightclubs and many restaurants. In fact, Ladies night is available for women at least once a week, and unlimited and free alcohol consumption is available for women on this day. There are even discounts up to 60% on meals. Men can also participate, but the rate of free places for them is very low. There is always a special section for women in the subway, you can use the mixed area or the area reserved for women only.

In Dubai, where the crime rate is 0%, you can leave your house or car door without locking and when you return, you can see that your belongings are in the place without being touched. You can go out whenever you want, no one will disturb you.

You can go to concerts or exhibitions of world-famous artists. The seas are also incredibly clean and beautiful. For living expenses such as eating and drinking, 350-400 USD will be enough for a student. The weather is really hot in June, July, August, but there are air-conditioning systems everywhere like bus stops, metro stations, taxis. Air conditioners allow you to get through the 3-month hot period comfortably. In the summer months (June-July), the employment rate is also relatively lower.

You also don’t need to know Arabic to live here. There is nothing that requires you to learn. Even when you go to a government office, you can carry out all your transactions in English as everyone speaks English. Everywhere, on every sign besides Arabic, there is also English. It provides a great convenience.